As a journalist, it's, "Just the facts, ma'am."


As a tarot reader, I tune into the metaphysical, those things which cannot be proved by evidence in the physical world. 


NOLA Tarot Stories is how I reconcile these contrary elements in my life. 


I became interested in tarot after Hurricane Katrina rendered my New Orleans home uninhabitable, just four months after my marriage ended. I felt I was starting from scratch emotionally as well as physically. The images on tarot cards attracted me, and I picked up a miniature deck at a book store. 


I was fascinated to discover that the 78 cards of a traditional tarot deck are a reasonably complete representation of life in its many aspects: beginnings and endings, conflict and resolution, greed and generosity, togetherness and solitude. Reading the cards for myself provided the framework for a big-picture perspective on my struggle to re-establish myself. 


After a time, I began doing readings for friends, and was delighted by their response. I learned that all of us have metaphysical abilities, which can be developed with study and practice, even in a fact-obsessed journalist like me. 


In NOLA Tarot Stories, I combine my writing skills with my metaphysical insights to create personalized accounts of tarot readings. 

January 1, 2009

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December 5, 2008

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