The prettiest crape myrtles in town
I'll put my crape myrtles up against anyone's as the prettiest in town.

I am crazy about my crape myrtle trees. A certain fat blue jay loves them too. As I type at my dining room table, I can glance outside and see him supervising the neighborhood. I have named him Elvis, since he has plenty of sassy attitude and lives on Memphis Street. 


The damned buckmoth caterpillars like my crape myrtles too. Now that the trees have grown to a size where the caterpillars can eat their fill without damaging the appearance of the trees, I am satisfied to leave the critters be, away from backyard seating areas.


The scientific name for crape myrtles is Lagerstroemia indica. I think I have the Natchez variety, which was introduced by the U.S. National Arboretum in 1987. They may reach a height of 30 feet. They bear large blooms for almost four months in Louisiana, beginning in early June. 


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